Ardeo plc is a British company that develops desktop EPR software for clinicians, clinical work-flow solutions for use in hospitals and research or audit bodies and portal software for communities of medical professionals.


Ardeo's personal clinical desktop eMDT is becoming the management and decision support tool of choice for healthcare professionals across the country. Our hospital and Internet-based solutions allow professionals to work independently or as part of a clinical team or care pathway; across departments, teleworking between hospitals or between private practices.

As a personal application, eMDT allows any clinician to configure a patient-centred work flow solution that shares information with team members and automates administration during the clinical stages of the care process. It is positioned as a MDT decision support tool that integrates the basic Electronic Patient Record with clinical and management activity. eMDT can be setup by clinicians and IT staff in hours, networked to create clinical teams in days and interconnected nationally to create a virtual health network.

eMDT is a computer-based system that simplifies and improves the collection, management and flow of patient information and assists professionals by automating processes and the coordination of team activity around the patient for:

  • MDT Clinical Pathways
  • MDT Administration and automation of processes
  • Tertiary Referrals between hospitals
  • Primary Referrals from GPs and specialists
  • Referrals between Private Practice and NHS hospitals
  • Tracking, Progress, Delays and 'Waits'
  • National Quality Guidelines, Risk assessment and Audit

If you would like more information about eMDT, please contact us:

Tel: 020 8123 4550

Fax: 0870 909 2100


Ardeo plc. 1 Church Terrace, Richmond Upon Thames, TW10 6SE
Registered Office: Suite 2000, Warnford Court, 29 Throgmorton Street, London EC2N 2AT
Registered in England, No. 3099946.