Ardeo plc - a British company which develops EPR software for clinical work-flow solutions in hospitals and research

About Ardeo

Ardeo is a British company based in Richmond; in 2004 we began working with cancer specialists at the Pelican Cancer Foundation and Hampshire Hospitals to develop software solutions to support cancer MDTs. Clinicians and teams now use Ardeo eMDT to coordinate local care and to create shared pathways between hospitals so that colleagues can provide input and assistance in order to provide the best treatment for their patients. Our offering also enables NHS and private hospitals to share specialist resources and facilities, to work together and deliver a better quality of care, as a single regional service.

Over the past ten years, NHS and private hospitals have been using Ardeo eMDT and it is currently being implemented at about two new hospitals per month. This year other Trusts are setting up pilots to coordinate network wide and regional shared cancer services using specialist resources from local hospitals; and in the private sector the largest private hospitals groups are already implementing or planning to use Ardeo nationally to coordinate all cancer care. In addition to providing in-service support for clinicians, Ardeo is also used by NHS staff across the UK to record and submit resection data to the Association of Upper GI Surgeons national database for cancer surgery for audit and performance.