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Healthvive is based in Richmond upon Thames, London. Our team and advisers each have over 30 years of experience in the provision of healthcare services, delivering digital solutions and ‘big data’ analytics. The UK team is supported by an offshore division of developers to ensure we remain flexible and competitive.

Healthvive, develops apps and digital technology to facilitate online consultations and health logging; using a combination of video, chat, messaging and e-forms. To meet the challenge of improving access to GP’s services we have produced a self-care app that helps patients interact with their own GPs rather than subscribe to virtual carers.

Our Aim is to: • Improve access to GP services & healthcare

• Provide access for anyone to high quality affordable care when needed

• Allow patient involvement in the treatment they are offered

• Enable health carers to deliver modern, efficient service

• Deliver quick responses to patients, providing them with the best care

Our domain expertise is based on delivering innovative solutions that have enabled over 55 hospitals to partner and use each others specialists and resources to provide more complete treatment to patients.

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Healthvive Limited, is registered under the governments Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) .

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Email: enquiries@healthvive.com

Telephone: 020 8123 4550

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