About Ardeo

Ardeo is based in Richmond upon Thames, London. Our team and advisers each have over 30 years of experience in the provision of healthcare services, delivering digital solutions and ‘big data’ analytics.

Ardeo’s primary software product ‘eMDT’ has been used to enable teamworking in secondary and tertiary care for over fifteen years; it is installed on local IT systems or accessed as a fully managed and hosted service using secure provider networks via VPNs or NHS HSCN.

We make it possible for healthcare organisations to offer patients quicker access to high quality and more affordable care when needed through a more modern and efficient system.
We do this by:
• Making it simpler for organisations to share skills and resources more effectively
• Enabling clinicians to establish and work as teams between organisations
• Including all staff in the team so that they can support the clinicians that provide treatment
• Providing a open platform that can share information between systems in different organisations throughout the pathway
• Creating a solution that connects with primary care and patients as part of a continuous care pathway.
Our domain expertise is based on delivering innovative solutions that have enabled over 55 hospitals to partner and use each others specialists and resources to provide more complete treatment to patients.

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