Clinicians and Practitioners

So what is HealthVive?

HealthVive comprises a portal for practitioners and a personal app for patients; together they make it easier for you to communicate and to exchange information with patients; and to present your practice as both modern and approachable. Your existing patients can use the app to view your profile and your website, while other consumers can find you and register with you. Once you have verified your trust relationship with your patient you can respond to their questions, send documents and letters, publish/offer clinic slots and hold video consultations. Patients can store their health and medical information, book appointments and contact your practice via our in-app chat which can be used to send messages, questions or notes with attachments.

A little about what we don't do

We are not one of the new virtual health service providers, we do not compete with you and we do not plan to undermine you by cherry picking the most lucrative aspects of your business and leave you with the rest to deal with.

Our approach

HealthVive is a health and lifestyle platform that supports traditional providers and specialists like you by complementing your current offering. Your practice can appear on the HealthVive app with your own brand or logo. You can set up a shared service and invite other practitioners to join you; or you can join another virtual MDT as part of a care syndicate. It makes it easier and quicker to coordinate treatment with other professionals and securely manage shared patient information. By giving you the tools to teamwork and communicate HealthVive helps you provide your patients with the expert care that they require, while reducing your cost burden.

A tour of the HealthVive platform

Designed for private practitioners, clinics and hospitals

HealthVive makes it possible for you to communicate securely and directly with your patients and clients. Use the portal to send messages and communicate via their app and the diary to offer appointments to individual clients or clinic times to the public.

Follow and progress your patients' treatment via our portal

During or after treatment, patients at home can use the app to keep local notes and send them to you, or call and update you with their progress. Using the portal you can monitor their progress and send messages and documents to offer advice or referral recommendations.

Joined up care & shared services

If you refer patients to local health partners, set up a Care Syndicate on HealthVive so that you can communicate and automate the process and provide treatment as a team of specialists.

Streamline work with other clinicians

Work with other professionals as a team. Use our eMDT service to discuss your patient's, make/view comments, updates and treatment decisions as soon as they are entered by other clinicians.

Simple referrals to Secondary care

Use our e-MDT service to refer patients directly to a specialist or MDT in secondary care for a second opinion or treatment. Be a part of the MDT and maintain contact with your patient.

Join us on HealthVive

Please contact us to find out more and so that we can keep you up to date on news and features and get you to started on the portal.