Tried and trusted

eMDT has been in use for ten years and is active at over sixty private and NHS hospitals. It has met a variety of needs and has been used, for example: to enable specialists to refer to each other between hospitals, to coordinate network wide cancer services and even as a national database for cancer surgery for audit and performance. In the private sector some of the largest private hospitals groups already use Ardeo virtual MDTs to share expertise and coordinate cancer care across national networks.

Ardeo eMDT – Cancer EPR
  • All cancer information in context and on one system
  • Screens that follow agreed cancer care pathways
  • The minimum data needed to make quality decisions
  • Sufficient data to enable others to provide continuous care
  • Tracking to ensure that protocols are being followed
  • Proof that every patient has been through an MDM
  • Privacy – by consultant or MDT; or via anonymised views
  • Enough information to satisfy insurance and legal reqs.
Ardeo – Team working and referrals
  • A flexible system configured to suit your workflow
  • Shared patient records publish and to update information
  • Follow pathways between departments & hospitals
  • Team working features; notify, prompt and make requests
  • The ability to comment or request a second opinion
  • The ability to pass the patient to a new team (Metastases)
  • Virtual MDTs (with clinicians from different hospitals)
  • Automate the transfer of images and reports on referral
  • Audit & performance; automate reports or create queries
Case studies for network wide MDT coordination and tertiary referrals

Hampshire Hospitals HPB MDT referral network

Spire Healthcare - National cancer network