Care Networks

Our domain expertise is based on delivering innovative solutions that have enabled over sixty hospitals to partner and use each other’s specialists and resources to provide more complete treatment to patients.

How we work with hospitals
and Care Networks


Clinicians and medical staff use eMDT to collaborate along treatment pathways, referring patients to each other, between organisations and submitting patients to remote specialist teams for discussion and treatment decisions. The service enables sites with limited resources to request support from remote specialists while enabling other organisations to offer their services.

Using healthvive in primary and secondary care

Many patients with complex illnesses like cancer or stroke need a range of services from both primary and secondary care organisations. Healthvive enables primary practitioners to work as part of a Care Syndicate with other private and NHS healthcare providers in a coordinated and highly effective manner. You are now able to offer your patients more comprehensive medical services across multiple providers.

integrated primary and secondary care pathways

By integrating eMDT and HealthVive with your existing systems, hospitals and clinics can work seamlessly with primary practitioners that use our professional portal and with patients who use our mobile Healthvive app. With Healthvive you can also offer personalised support for your patients when they are at home, giving them access to their own information as part of an integrated primary and secondary care pathway. They can also communicate with your administrative staff or their personal designated carer and provide feedback on the progress of treatment they have received.

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