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Our move to the cloud represents some new and exciting opportunities for clinicians and medical workers to get involved with us in launching and managing new projects across the globe. You can now setup your own treatment pathways and launch your service in days, rather than the months it would take to set up a similar system. And all at a much lower cost, without assistance from your IT team.

If you are a junior doctor, an individual or have a specific project you may qualify to use our service for up to two years.

Professionals, MDTs, Departments & Care Networks

Team server

Clinics, Hospitals, and Hospital Networks

Enterprise Server

Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t need to install Ardeo eMDT. It can be used right away on the cloud and configured to support any clinical team and specialty.

Alternatively, if you need to install it at your own location you can do that to. We can provide you with a Virtual Machine or Container.

Simply give us a call and we will help you get started.

Yes they can. Ardeo eMDT is available for Independent Practitioners, Care Syndicates, clinics and larger healthcare providers. The database can be shared or restricted across all hospitals and their locations; information can also be segregated and secured so that external organisations/hospitals can only access their own patient data and not another hospital’s.

Patient safety through team working and peer review are key features of our design. We configure the system to reduce and prevent manual errors. Our software uses features such as: catalogues and lists to reduce the chances of input error; mandatory fields and or forms which ensure that all necessary information is collected; each screen or field can show popups, documents and links to web-pages to describe the back ground and what should be entered; and of course the pathway is designed with your help to guide a user through the correct route for managing a patient.

Our software ensures that only the correct people can see the relevant information. When a User is given an account on eMDT, we use permission levels (known as ‘Roles’) to control the amount of information that User has access to and what they can modify. We are guided by you on what roles to give members of staff according to what they need and clearance levels. This, along with the contracts that you have in place between you and your staff, all go to supporting GDPR and patient privacy.

Yes, with eMDT you can work from any location, including from home. The only thing you require is a secure working internet connection.

Use Chat, Messaging, Video conferencing and Desktop sharing.

There are three main areas where staff can communicate with one another: The patient demographics page to deal with patient administration; on Pathway forms and the Virtual Blog in the meeting area for clinicians.and coordinators.

(All communications are recorded in the audit log).

No two hospitals are the same. We deliver a generic hospital system which is then configured to meet your needs, culture, and specifications (Branding, operational schema, available resources, building layout, locations, staff roles etc..)

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